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Couples Intensives

Estrella Rogers, a Gottman Certified Relationship Expert, is dedicated to helping couples heal and strengthen their relationships. Schedule a session with her today to embark on your journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling partnership.

We recommend a two- or three-day intensive to optimize the effectiveness of therapy.


These longer durations allow us to cover essential aspects of effective therapy, including assessment, building connection, fostering friendship/intimacy, and addressing conflict.

For local couples seeking a swift start to therapy, one-day intensives are a great option.

Each marital intensive comprises:

  • Individual pre-assessment phone calls to understand your concerns and goals.

  • A comprehensive analysis of your Gottman Relationship Check-up by your Certified Gottman Therapist.

  • 6 hours of intensive therapy per day (4 hours on Days 2 and 3).

  • A take-home package of tools and supplementary support material.

  • A written summary of your relationship strengths and areas for improvement.

  • A one-hour phone call, or in-person session to be used within 3 months of the intensive.

Intensives conclude with a personalized plan, which may include follow-up visits or referral to a suitable local therapist.

It's crucial to emphasize that I respect couples' preferences for breaks and can accommodate private, individual sessions if needed.


Every relationship is unique, and I strive to honor the specific needs of each partner, ensuring they do not feel overwhelmed by the length or intensity of the intensive.

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